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Our transport service at WBM is something that we have put a lot of focus on. Recognising that it is one of the main parts of the service that all ‘other merchants’ struggle with.

Our unique and well established processes / procedures and management, is something that we both pride ourselves on and know is what sets us apart from our competitors.

How we have done this and what you will expect from us, is an emphasis and focus on what works and a recognition of how to sustain a reliability that is recognised and appreciated.

Below is a list of the key components to our transport service.

  • We currently have 4 x 26 tonne HIAB trucks at our disposal. All under 3 years old and very highly spec’d.
  • We meet a FORS Silver standard, which is the most industry relevant body, delivering the highest level of compliance.
  • Our transport management team is extremely experienced and well motivated, delivering quality consistently.
  • We maintain our vehicles in-house, using our own mechanics, and we follow a strict and thorough schedule. 
  • All of our driver / operators are experienced professionals, trained to the highest standard and supported through regular training.
  • The routing and scheduling system that we use on a daily basis has been developed over a number of years and is unmatched in the industry.
  • Our local service means that we are able to respond to ‘last minute’ requests and can deliver ‘same day’ where required (subject to availability).
  • We also have a  Van / Tipper Van service that delivers small items quickly and loose aggregate to exactly the spot you need it.
  • Our communication, of specific details and efficiency in applying them, is what really sets us apart.

In conclusion, our transport service is of the highest quality and we welcome you to test us out – so that you can realise the benefits that come from it.

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